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Read the texr to anwer question number 1-5

Fried Chicken
1 pound of chicken
4 cups of cooking oil
1 cup of flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
a dash of chili powder
The Step :
(1) First, put flour, salt, pepper and chili powder in a plastic bag. Shake to mix. (2) Next cut chicken into small pieces, and add them to the bag. Shake to coat the chicken with the seasoned flour. (3) After that, heat the oil in a heavy frying pan over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, shake any excess minutes or until the chicken. Cook the chicken for about ten to fifteen minutes or until the chicken is golden brown.
(4 ) Finally, drain the chicken and serve.

1. How many steps are needed to make fried chicken?
a. 4 c. 6
b. 5 d. 7

2. Hoaw many cups cooking oil are needed to make pound of chicken?
a. 5 cups c. 3 cups
b. 4 cups d. 6 cups

3. What is purpose of the text above ?
a. To entertain the readers
b. To describe a fried chicken
c. To tell how to make fried chicken
d. To inform what the fried chicken is

4. How long we cook until the chicken is golden brown?
a. 11 minutes c. 14 minutes
b. 12 minutes d. 15 minutes

5. “cut the chicken into small pieces, and add them to the bag.”
What does the underlined mean…..
a. Chili powder c. Chicken
b. Pepper d. Salt

For question 6 – 10, fill in the blanks with the suitable words !

I will………….(6) you how to make avocado juice. What you………….(7) are 500 gram of avocados and then peeling them, 100 gram of…………….(8) sugar, 500 ml of water, and 2 spoonfuls of lemon.
Now, how to meka it. First, boil the lupmp sugar and water until the lump sugar is……….(9) in the water. Then mix the avocados and the water lump sugar. Finally,……..(10) it in a glass with chocolate milk.

6. A. make C.tell
B. have D.order

7. C. peel
B. need D. slice

8. A. lump C.bunch
B. basin D. kilo

9. A. mix C. stir
B. dissolve D. wash

10. A. submit C.sell
B. hand in D. serve

Dr. Mohammad Hatta
Every country has its great men and women who are remembered for what they have done for their country. One of Indonesia’s great men is Dr.M.Hatta. He was the man with a deep love for his country and people
Dr.M.Hatta was born in Bukit Tinggi on August 12, 1902. While still in junior high school in Bukit Tinggi, he became interested in politics and joined the league of young Sumatrans.
He left Bukit Tinggi to study in Batavia . Then he went to Netherlands. He studied economics and gained a doctorate degree there he was active in the Nationalist movement
Because of his activies, he was arrested
In 1932 Hatta returned to Indonesia. He joined a political organization called’ Pendidikan National Indonesia”
One of its goal was to develop political awareness among the Indonesian people . His activities again led to his arrest. The colonial government exiled him to Boven Digul, and later to Banda Neira. Shortly before the Japanese invasion , he was brought back to Java .
When the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, Soekarno and Hatta Proclaimed Indonesia’s independence. Hatta became the first vice president of the Republik of Indonesia
In 1956 Hatta resigned as vice-president and devoted himself ti writing. On march 14,1981. Dr.M.Hatta passed away in Jakarta
Now a days, he is no longer living among us. However, his spirit of loving the country and nation is one of the reasons why he is well remembered.

11. When was Muhammad Hatta born ?
a. in 1902 c. in 1956
b. in 1932 d. in 1981

12. One of the reasons why Dr. M.Hatta is well remembered is because …
a. he joined a political organization called Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia
b. of the spirit of loving the country and nation he had displayed
c. he was the first vice – president of Indonesia
d. he proclaimed Indonesia’s independence

13. Dr. M. Hatta was … years when he passed away (meninggal dunia)
a. 59 c. 69
b. 79 d. 89

14. “During his stay there he was active in the nationalist movement”. The word there refers to …
a. the Netherlands c. Batavia
b. every country d. Bukit Tinggi

15. When the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, The antonym of the word to surrender is…
a. to exile c. to give up
b. to resist d. to proclaim


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