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Making Colored egg

Material :
 Hard boiled eggs (cooled)
 Paper towels
 Food coloring
 Glass jar
 Vinegar
 Salt

Steps :
1. rinse eggs in cold wter and dry it with paper towels. To make the dye, pour half a small bottle of food coloring into a glass jar and add 300ml of hot water.
2. Add 300ml vinegar and 15ml salt.Lower and egg into the jar of dye and leave for a few minutes. Check the color of the eggs regularly.
3. When the eggs has reched the desired color, lift it out and repeat the process with the remaining eggs.

Answer these questions below!

1. What is the purpose of the tect above ?
A. To describe colored eggs
B. To give intructions how to make colored egg
C. To retell the past experience of the making colored egg.
D. To persuade the readers

2. .What liquid do we need in making colored egg?
A. Salt C. Glass jar
B. Vinegar D.Paper towell

3. Food coloring and hot water are needed to make….
A. rinse eggs C.Vinegar
B. Paper towel D. dye

4. “lower” and egg into the jar of dye and leave a few minutes’. The underlined word similar to….
A. dip C. crack
B. water D.peel

5. Which parts of the text do we get the way to make coloring eggs ?
A. Goal
B. .Steps
C. Material


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